The Poreč coastline stretches for over 37 km where one can find beaches to satisfy all tastes, beaches proudly displaying their Blue Flag, a sign of cleanliness and lush vegetation.

Some of the most popular beaches marked by the Blue Flag are the Town Bathing Place (Gradsko kupalište) more than 1 km long, the Plava laguna (Blue Lagoon) and the Zelena laguna (Green lagoon) and Špadići, all of them providing rich sports facilities for those searching for recreation. There are also sand beaches, such as the Borik beach or rocky beaches providing shade from the nearby woods and sound of the sea, such as Brulo, Galeb or Materada. Last but not least, the Poreč area has well organised naturist beaches in complexes Zelena laguna, Solaris or on the Sv. Nikola (St. Nicholas) Beach.

The Poreč coastline with well-organised beaches will give each person a chance to find a spot best suited to him or her. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, the beaches offer opportunities to engage in various sports, from beach volleyball, sea-skiing, diving, scooter riding to watching the sea surface from the air perspective of a parachute. One can hire boats, sailing boats, beach canoes, pedal boats or engage in underwater fishing or angling, go windsurfing or trying the ski-lift.